Hello, Gaborone!

We arrived in Gaborone, Botswana on July 24 after 17 hours in flights and about 30 total hours of traveling. 

It was quite eventful. Needless to say, 30 hours spent traveling have me a head cold and it took two days for my luggage to actually arrive here. Thankfully, it did. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to see much of Botswana yet as our first week of Pre-Service Training (PST) has kept us in lockdown at our hotel compound until we’re over our jetlag and are aware of how to stay safe while traveling. 

Botswana isn’t particularly dangerous, but most of us haven’t been to Africa (including me!) and it’s important to be aware of risks that can happen while traveling in an unfamiliar place (i.e. pickpockets). 

The compound we’re staying on is called Ave Maria, which is a hotel/conference center. It’s Jesus themed (I think it is, or was, a convent) but conviently has a cash bar, which we’ve enjoyed. 

Our days have been long, starting at 7am for breakfast and ending with dinner at 6:30pm. We have sessions on everything from Botswana, to our jobs, to teambuilding, and to a medical interview where we picked our preferred malaria medication. 

Most notably, though, we’ve had our first Setswana lessons! It’s a beautiful language, and makes me wish even more that I could roll my R’s (I’m practicing though!) 

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to our training site for the next 11 weeks, Molepolole to get our host families and start integrating into the community and improving our Setswana. 

Ke a loboga! (Thank you!) 


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