About Me

Most if not all of you already know me, though when it comes to telling people about Peace Corps I’ve had some questions pop up numerous times, so I’ll answer those here!

If you guys have any questions about Botswana as a country (many of you did not know that it was a country), I made an About Botswana page, so check out that tab!

xx Courtney

Why did you join the Peace Corps?

Peace Corps is something I’ve thought on and off about since late middle school/early high school. I remember looking into it and thinking it was something I’d like to do, but I didn’t really like the idea of applying and not knowing where I would be sent. Ironically, once they changed it to allow location requests, I ignored that and asked to be sent wherever.

I cemented my decision towards the end of my senior year at IU–four years of working towards a degree in international human rights (and journalism) coupled with four years at a domestic violence shelter and two refugee resettlement internships showed me that my interests and career hopes really do center around working for an international organization, like the UN or an NGO.

For me, the Peace Corps combines the chance to live in a new culture with field experience that will help me with my future career. I could not be more excited to go live in Botswana and I’m looking forward to what this will bring.

Where will you be living in Botswana?

The short answer is I have no idea.

The longer answer is that I will be spending three months with a host family at Pre-Service Training in a town called Molepolole, during which I will be assessed and interviewed to determine my final site.

What will you be doing in Botswana?

Again, I don’t exactly know for SURE yet. When I do, I will update this.

From my assignment description, I know that I am an HIV/AIDS: Civil Society Capacity Builder. I know that I will be assigned to an NGO that I will “capacity build,” meaning that I will help teach them things that they want to know (perhaps computer literacy, community programming, grant writing, etc.) I also know that my job will involve HIV/AIDS education and prevention in some way.

That is what my assignment description says. I am fully prepared to be doing something totally different. You just never know, honestly.

Are you nervous?

Sure. It’s two years in a very unfamiliar place. Anyone would (and should) be nervous. But beyond that nervousness is a ton of excitement, and I really am ready for this adventure to start.

So yes, I am nervous. I consider this the bravest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m also ready.